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Traffic Citations

Moving Violations

Almost everybody has had to deal with the occasional moving violation.  Although a few types of moving violations have minimal if no collateral consequences, many can have negative effects on your driving privileges.  As citations mount or go unanswered, your ability to drive can quickly be taken away from you and/or your insurance rates can climb.  As a result, even the most minor traffic violation should be defended vigorously.

Some tickets simply come with a fine.  However, some tickets can come with mandatory jail time.  One of the most common offenses is Driving Under Suspension DUI Related (75 Pa.C.S.A. 1543(b)).  Not only does a conviction come with a mandatory 60 to 90 day jail sentence, it also results in an additional 18 month license suspension. 

Always consult an attorney who knows the interplay between your driving record and its effect on your license.