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Theft & Property Crimes

Theft & Property Crimes Generally

Theft Crimes or Property Crimes are one of the more common type of criminal charges.  Theft crimes are often grouped together with Property crimes, i.e., trespassing or burglary.  They range in severity from Summary offenses to Felonies.

Like assault crimes, these crimes often involve a witness/victim who has been personally injured by the alleged activity.  As a result, the resolution of these charges varies widely.  Generally speaking, one of the goals of the Commonwealth is to make the witness/victim "whole" again, meaning that the government's end goal is to have the accused defendant reimburse the person for their loss.

Because these crimes are often seen with individuals suffering from an addiction, the government has an incentive to rehabilitate instead of punish.  Having an attorney who recognizes and listens to your needs is a valuable resource in obtaining a positive outcome to your case.  



Burglary is a very interesting charge from a legal perspective.  It certainly gives many first year law students a difficult time.  Generally speaking, burglary is the act of entering a building or structure (any place meant for overnight accommodation or for carrying on business, even a vehicle), without permission to do so, with the intent to commit a crime inside of that building or structure.  Interestingly, if a person does not have the intent to commit a crime when they enter the building or structure, they're merely trespassing.  If once inside they decide to commit a crime, they never committed a burglary because the burglary either happened or didn't at the time the building was entered.

Therefore, Burglary is not really a theft crime, but is often discussed in conjunction with theft.  When we think of a Burglary, we normally think about the entrance of a home or business to steal valuables.  But a Burglary can also occur if the intent is to commit an assault or other crime. 

Burglary is a very serious offense.  In most circumstances, Burglary is a Felony of the First Degree.