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Sexual Assault

Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault

An accusation of sexual assault is the one of the most serious allegations a person can face, second only to criminal homicide.  These types of cases are notably different than any other type of criminal charge.  In addition to incredibly long periods of incarceration, almost every conviction results in a period of SORNA (Megan's Law) registration, which, at a minimum, is 10 years, and at a maximum, life.  

Because there are very few ways to avoid Megan's Law requirements through a negotiated plea, these cases go to trial far more often than other types of cases.  Whereas a person might be willing to plead guilty to a drug charge and be placed on probation for a few years, a sex assault conviction can result in a lifetime of being branded a sexual offender.

Sex assaults range from Forcible Rape to Indecent Assault.  In every instance, the Commonwealth takes the mere accusation very seriously.  It should be understood that a case can proceed to trial on the slightest amount of evidence, meaning that these are often "he said she said" cases with little else other than the testimony of a single witness.

When your freedom and reputation are on the line, it is very important to contact an attorney immediately if you believe you are the subject of a sexual assault investigation.