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Drivers License Issues


When clients come to the attorneys at Meyer Darragh with traffic related issues, whether its an accumulation of moving violations or a DUI charge, their major concern is always the same:  "If I lose my license I'll lose my job."  People rarely contemplate how important their driving privileges are to them until they are faced with losing them.

Although criminal or traffic convictions result in collateral PennDot issues, Criminal Court is not where the battle for your license is fought.  PennDot is a branch of the Commonwealth that is fought in Civil Court.  Not all criminal defense attorneys are necessarily well versed in helping clients deal with PennDot because of this distinction.

The Attorneys at Meyer Darragh routinely help clients navigate their way through the maze that is PennDot.  If your license is at stake, be sure to hire an attorney who knows how to best protect your rights.