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Homicide in Pennsylvania


In Pennsylvania, Criminal Homicide is divided into five different and distinct crimes:  Murder in the First Degree; Murder in the Second Degree; Murder in the Third Degree; Voluntary Manslaughter; and Involuntary Manslaughter. 

Murder in the First degree is the only offense for which a person in Pennsylvania can be put to death.  As a result, not all attorneys are permitted to represent people charged with Murder 1 where the Commonwealth has filed its notice of intention to seek death.  Attorney Michael Waltman is one of only a few private criminal defense attorneys in Allegheny County allowed to represent persons facing the death penalty.

Because of the possible consequences, there quite simply is no room for error when defending a Homicide charge.  From the very first moment a person is suspected of a homicide, it is vitally important that the person is represented by an attorney who will protect their rights, position them appropriately for trial, and vigorously try their case through the battle of a jury trial.