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Kim is a very good DUI defense attorney (and is proven in other areas of criminal defense, but he concentrates solely on DUIs now I believe). I hired Kim for two DUI cases. One case was ultimately dismissed and the other case he negotiated a future employment killing felony reduced to a lesser charge.

Kim interacts very well with police officers, district attorneys, and judges. They all seem to like him(save a particular judge and PA state trooper, see below). This is very important, because if the key players do not like your attorney, a case could be drawn out for a longer time and lead to a unfavourable outcome no matter how strong your case is.

He is very honest. He won’t promise you the moon. He will lay out the options, but he will be honest that he can’t predict what will ultimately happen. He told me he won’t go in front of a particular judge if they get assigned my case because that judge does not like him (because he had one of their rulings overturned in the superior courts). A state cop in one of the cases didn’t like him because he was actually doing what I hired him to do to fight my case (I think many cops are just used to people pleading guilty or taking a plea agreement in DUIs and get angry when defendants fight the case). We ultimately won that case.

Kim is always on top of current DUI case law. Numerous times sitting with him waiting for hearings he mentioned very recent case law that may help or hurt my case.

Bottom line: If you are charged with a DUI in the Pittsburgh area and want the best chance to fight the charge, you hire Kim Riester. He charges by the hour, and he is not cheap, but he gives you the best chance to win a DUI case in PA. And on top of being a great defense attorney, he is also a nice down to earth guy (which you will appreciate when you are facing the uncertainty of the criminal justice system).
— Former Client

Robert Andrews represented our son in a double homicide case where the Commonwealth charged our son with two counts of first degree murder. The Commonwealth was adamant from the pretrial hearing, and all the way through the jury trial, that the deaths were executed with premeditation and malice. Mr. Andrews’ professional legal skill and competencies were instrumental in persuading the jury to return a not guilty verdict on all counts of murder and manslaughter, thereby giving our son his freedom back.
Mr. Andrews worked the case aggressively from the onset. His quick actions preserved perishable evidence that were critical to the case. Early on, he uncovered important clues that pointed to self-defense. His careful assessment and thorough exploration and analysis of the evidence enabled him to recognize, prepare and vigorously argue a self-defense case. He followed every lead and countered the prosecutors every move with tangible and relative evidence and witness accounts. He employed the best scientific methods and professional expert witnesses to establish facts critical to the case. These services were imperative to the case and he managed those expenses as our fiduciary with good stewardship.
Mr. Andrews continuously made himself accessible to us over the entire course of 13 months and always kept us informed every step of the way. He gave us much optimism throughout the long ordeal. Moreover, Mr. Andrews’ visits were of much encouragement to our son throughout his incarceration. And he served as a conduit for us in communicating matters of privacy.
During the trial, the jury heard Mr. Andrews speak in a deliberate and impactful manner. His arguments were well constructed, direct and to the point, leading the jury to make sensible conclusions. He anticipated the prosecutor’s next moves and responded with swift counterarguments, sometimes shutting down the prosecutor’s assertions on the spot. Throughout the trial, he unveiled and exploited every flaw and weakness in the prosecution’s case, while showing all the courtesies and respect to the court. His closing statement was compelling, demonstrating the continuity and strength of the evidence proving self-defense.
This proved to be an exhausting trial to prepare for, but that didn’t deter Mr. Andrews from working the case after his budgeted hours were spent. He freely devoted his personal time to work the case and labored tirelessly during the 10-day trial. We were well served to have our son represented by Mr. Andrews and will forever be grateful.
— Jackie and Don

He is almost too honest to be an attorney, but he makes that work somehow. He cares in a careless field with truth, integrity and honor. I have witnessed him handle a case where there was no way to win yet he worked it out with everyone involved, it was truly amazing.
— Former Client